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Care Guide

Below is a guide to help you keep your lovely K-United products as wonderful as the day you ordered it.


  • Before the first use, wash the inner and outer surfaces of your products in warm soapy water and dry them.

  • Do not use any other chemical solvents or harmful substances.

  • Do not wash your products in a dishwasher.

  • To prevent stains on products that may originate from lime and minerals in the water, they must be dried with a soft cotton cloth after each wash.

  • After each use, wash and dry your products without waiting.

  • When hand washing, use a suitable non-abrasive, liquid or gel-like detergent.

  • If the cleaning water is hard, it may cause the stain on the surface. In this case, it is recommended to use a soft cloth which is not hard granular and fibrous during cleaning.

  • For cleaning, especially chlorine-containing chemicals such as salt or bleach and concentrated detergents containing bleach, lemon should be avoided.

  • Do not clean the outer surface with hard and abrasive cleaners and be careful to avoid scratching.

  • When using and/or cleaning your product, never use metal kitchen utensils, which may cause the inner and outer surfaces to be scratched. The use of such tools causes scratches.

  • Do not store your products in damp environments.

  • Do not use your products out of their purpose.