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What is your favourite coffee?

Did you know that coffee is one of the world's most commercial products? Well, obviously you are! At least most of us can say that we wait in line for our coffee every morning.  

We love coffee so much that we can't start the day without coffee. Some of us call themselves “coffee addicts”, some of us also know the details of how brewed, which whole bean coffee is used and even how many degrees of temperature it should be. We have written this article so that you can learn about coffee types If you like coffee.  

After this article, you will learn which coffee is the sweetest, strongest, most caramelized, which can wake you up in the morning. 

1. Espresso 

White ceramics coffee cups

With intense coffee flavour, espresso is served in shots. Way more popular than single espresso is double espresso with two shots. After espresso machines pressurize and shoot near-boiling water through the finely-ground coffee bean give you aromatic and uplifting coffee. It is also used to create many different coffee drinks. 

2. Macchiato  

Colorful coffee cup

The macchiato is an Italian coffee. It's mixed with espresso and a small amount of foamed milk. Macchiato is not a morning coffee; it's preferred in the afternoon. Neither strong like espresso nor so sweet and milky like cappuccino. 

3. Turkish Coffee 

Colorful Coffee Cup and Saucers

Turkish coffee is quite popular with its presentation and taste. Served with water and Turkish delight. But this may vary in some places. Turkish coffee is boiled in a coffee pot called "cezve" and served with foam. This is the traditional way of making Turkish coffee. 

Fun fact about Turkish coffee: After drinking your coffee, a fortune teller can tell you your future! Fortune-telling is an important tradition in Turkish coffee culture. First, you finish the coffee, then you make a wish. Then close the cup with the saucer, turn it over and let the cup cool. Now you ready to learn about your future.  

4. Coffee with Milk 

Coffee cups with blue pattern

Now ready to discover the coffee types mixed with milk! There are many types and forms of preparation. Let's briefly mention them all: 

Latte served with an espresso shot, heated milk, and 1-2 inches of creamy milk on top. 

Mochaccino is a blend of coffee, chocolate, and milk.  

A cappuccino is formed of 30% coffee extract, 50% textured milk, and 20% foamy/creamy milk. 

Flat white should be flat on top. 15-30% coffee, 70-85% milk with no foam. 

5. Irish Coffee 

White coffee cups with butterfly and flower patterns

Irish coffee is made of black coffee, Irish whiskey, and whipped cream. It's easy to make. Rather than drinking in the morning to wake you up, served after dinner as a dessert.  

6. Caffè Americano  

Breakfast Plate with white ceramics sets

Americano is World War 2 American soldi ers coffee. Americano consists of just water and espresso. All you need is these two. The ratio of espresso and water are typically either 1/2 and 1/2 or 1/3 espresso and 2/3 water. And your Americano is ready! It's a bit of strong coffee, but it's easy to drink. 

7. Lungo Caffee 

Checkerboard Coffee Cup

Lungo is the reverse version of Caffee Americano. To make this Italian coffee, you need to add espresso to the hot water. It contains more water than Americano.