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How To Drink Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee can be found all over Turkey, from fancy cafes and restaurants to neighborhood coffee houses, outdoor tea gardens, and of course, people’s living rooms.  Locals enjoy their Turkish coffee just like Italians enjoy their espresso – it’s a cultural institution. In this blog we’re going to teach you how to drink Turkish coffee.

How to make Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is traditionally prepared in a copper cezve – a small Turkish coffee pot with a long handle specifically designed for the purpose of preparing the bitter brew. In order to make Turkish coffee, you’ll need finely ground coffee, water, and fincan, or Turkish coffee cups. In Turkey, coffee is sold more finely ground than you would find it in your normal supermarket. Luckily, you don’t need a special Turkish coffee grinder to get the job done. In many coffee shops and supermarkets in the U.K., you can simply ask for the “Turkish grind” and you will get your beans ground extra fine.

As long as you have good-quality, well ground coffee, the traditional Turkish Coffee recipe is relatively simple. To start, fill up the fincan with water and pour it into the cezve (one cup of water per person). Add a heaping spoonful of coffee (one spoonful per person) and sugar to taste (a full or half sugar cube per person). If you are ordering a cup of Turkish coffee in Turkey, the waiter will ask how much sugar you would like (sade – without sugar, az şekerli – a little sugar, orta şekerli – medium sugar, çok şekerli – full sugar). Insider tip: Even if you don’t normally take your coffee with sugar, a little sugar in Turkish coffee makes it taste delightful.

Once the ingredients are in the cezve, stir well and place over medium-high heat. Wait for the coffee to froth and foam along the edges. As the coffee starts to cook, it will rise in the cezve and the foam will come towards the middle. As soon as the foam starts to close in on itself, remove the coffee from the heat. Pour part of the frothy bubbles into each cup. If desired, place the coffee back on the heat to let it froth again and repeat the process before pouring the remaining coffee into each cup. It’s important to make sure each cup is topped with a substantial head of froth since a good cup of Turkish coffee is judged by its head!

How to drink Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is normally served with a small cup of water. Before enjoying your coffee, have a sip of water to cleanse your palette. As you sip your coffee, savoring the rich flavor, you will notice the grounds in the bottom of the cup. Don’t worry, they’re supposed to be there, but don’t drink them – you’ll need them for later! Once can no longer take a sip of coffee without getting a mouthful of grounds you are finished.  

Turkish coffee is best drunk with friends. We always find that the circle of intimate conversation lingers on well after the coffee is finished. It pairs well with sweets, and is the perfect afternoon treat with the company or as a pick-me-up during a day of sightseeing.

Photo: Sophia Coffee Cup Sets

Source: Walks of Turkey