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Coffee and Tea Gift Sets for Christmas

Finally, it's Christmas time! Now it's time to buy and get presents. We have a special Christmas discount for this Christmas. You may use the "CHRISTMAS" discount code for a %20 off on all of your orders... No need to think about what to buy for your coffee & tea addicted friends & family! 

1. Sufi Coffee Cups and Saucers

We believe that celebrating the New Year with colourful patterns will bring you good tastes! Check out Sufi Coffee Cup collection for a wide range of patterns.

zebra pattern and blue porcelain coffee cups

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2. Istanbul Tiryaki Tea Glasses and Saucers

These see-through tulip-shaped, clear tea glasses reveal the colour, the steeping, the taste, and the moment the tea is brewed. 

blue porcelain tea cups

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3. Dervish Tea Glasses and Saucers

With a wide base and elegant top, the 160cc Dervish Tea Glasses recalls our cultural past to us. With the classic patterns and the most beautiful shades of colours, from now on you will enjoy your tea much better.

colorful porcelain tea cups

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4. Poem Coffee Cups and Saucers

Poem coffee sets were inspired by the 18th century. We have created a harmony from the unification of many cultures. In the end, simplicity and being eye-catching came together in this series.

baby pink and baby blue porcelain coffee cups

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5. Sufi Cups and Saucers

Minimalist, unique, and modest... revealed with a marble pattern. Sufi Coffee & Tea Cups will bring elegance to your dining tables...

porcelain coffee cups with marble pattern


6. Eva Cups and Saucers

Gold and porcelain, East and the West are combined in harmony in this 90cc decorated Eva coffee cups. Either espresso or Turkish coffee, coffee will taste better with these coffee cups.

porcelain coffee cups with gold


7. Lisa Coffee Cup Set

Lisa Turkish coffee cup sets will suit Christmas perfectly with their warm colours. The set includes 115cc 2 cups, 2 saucers, and 2 small glasses.

red porcelain coffee cups

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8. Eser-i Istanbul Cups and Saucers

These coffee cups was inspired by simplicity and Istanbul. You will enjoy coffee with these traditional yet modern coffee cups.

white porcelain coffee cups


9. Sufi Hawai Coffee Cup Set

Featuring tropic patterns, this Sufi coffee cup set will take you to Hawaii. Get ready for adventure!

pink and tropics porcelain coffee cups

10. Sufi Espresso & Turkish Coffee Sets

From ikat to stars, checkerboard to zebra Sufi cups offers pleasure for every tast with its wide range of patterns. A perfect gift option for him and her. Don't forget to use CHRISTMAS discount code for a 20% off!

porcelain coffee cups


Also, we created tea & coffee gift sets special for Christmas. Click to explore Christmas gift sets!