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A Cup of Happiness


Since the discovery of the fruit of coffee in Ethiopia in the 14th century, coffee has had an important place in many of our lives since then. How useful it is to the liver, some diabetic conditions and how good it can be mentioned in terms of disease, but in fact, the part we are interested in the happiness created by us.

The link between the secreted serotonin hormone and coffee in our brains has also been scientifically proven, and even the smell of coffee directly affects it.
Can we say that coffee strengthens the chemicals and then the friendships that make us feel more energetic and energetic?


Perhaps the end of the friendship is being established with a great aroma of coffee break bridging is perhaps a bridging between us.
Coffee is like a magical hand when our heart holds ice, so sometimes it is like a friend who is in our arm when we are in our most energetic state and who is there with us at every moment. In our bitter moments, our taste-loving moments give a different taste to our creamy taste...

Coffee is a real break; full of serotonin that we give to our soul and mind; Take a break to become clear...

This is why the bag that most of us have established with coffee rather than the scientific aspect of the business.
Time to go for a coffee.
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