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Natural Heritage - Woods - 2 - 3 Pieces

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Natural Heritage - Woods - 2

3 Pieces

Designed by Ece Yalım Design Studio

Size:  82x185mm, 63x265mm, 80x230mm (in order with the photo)

Trees represent a transition from nomadic life to a settled life, where roots are laid down. Trees are permanent. When we have a newborn, we plant a tree to welcome them to the family, as if to say ‘grow with us and remain with us’… Watching a tree grow is like a story of survival. For centuries, the tree has been a sacred symbol in all cultures despite their differences. It is a natural heritage from past generations.

The ‘Woods’ series give us a sense of comfort and bring back key memories from our innocent childhood, allowing you to get lost in the depths of the woods in the middle of the day…